I am a PhD student at the Division of Systems and Control within the Department of Information Technology and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics in Uppsala, supervised by Fredrik Lindsten, Dave Zachariah, and Erik Sjöblom. The main focus of my PhD studies is uncertainty-aware deep learning. Currently, I am particularly interested in analyzing and evaluating calibration of probabilistic models.

For my Master’s thesis in Mathematics at TU Munich, I explored a delay differential equation system of quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. For the numerical analysis of the investigated system I used and contributed to DelayDiffEq.jl, a delay differential equation solver in the Julia programming language.

Moreover, during my Master’s studies I worked on a research project at the Institute of Computational Biology, Munich, and investigated post-translational histone modifications using hidden Markov models.

During my medical studies at LMU Munich I was part of a research group at the Center of Neuropathology, Munich, and performed sequencing and imaging analysis of 5-hmC in brain tumours.





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